Important Questions Answered Quickly: Lite Version | Sun | Battery | Data | Crash | Local Names

Do I have to buy Eco:Map without being able to test it first?

No. You can download Eco:Map Lite for free from the App Store℠. Eco:Map Lite is fully functional but it is possible to record only up to 3 excursions with 5 finds and 5 photos at the most.

When I am outside and the sun is shining, it is difficult to read the display of the device. What can I do?

The device reverses all colours if you press the Home button quickly three times consecutively. This improves legibility.

What can I do to make sure that the rechargeable battery of my device has enough electricity during the whole field trip?

Eco:Map can of course not guarantee that, but you can do a number of things to reduce the electricity demand. E.g. you can reduce the accuracy and the search time for the determination of the GPS location in the GPS Settings. Or you can do without newly positioning every find and use the last position stored in the database instead. To do so change to Use most recent location in the GPS settings.

iPhone users can purchase an external rechargeable battery which can also be used as a protection cover for the device (q.v. c't, 15.3.2010).

How and in which format do the collected data come out of the device again, anyway?

There are two ways for your field trip data to leave your device: first, by e-mail or, second - insofar as your device is connected to your local network - via your browser.

Moreover, at present two different data formats are supported: CSV, Recorder 6, SimpleDarwinCore and Google Earth.

Eco:Map crashed and does not restart!

Please follow this link.

I don't see any local name. Why?

There are databases which only contain scientific names. Besides that Eco:Map evaluates the language that is running on your device. For example if your language is French only french names are displayed provided those are available in your database.

You need further support or information? Please send an e-mail to support[at]